Dolphin watches as oil spill fires burn

This video is a must see for anyone who wants to know what is going on in the Gulf of Mexico. The footage was captured by John L. Wathen of Hurricane Creekkeeper on June 21st, already a month ago. But this is the first video I’ve seen that captures the new reality of whales and dolphins in the Gulf.

It’s about ten minutes long, but worth watching. At 6:35 the first footage of dolphins trying to escape the oil spill appears. Stick with watching it for a full minute because around 7:09 there’s a great shot of dolphins and one in particular has its head sticking out of the water watching the fires. Several of the dolphins appear to be dead, their bodies floating upside down. There’s also footage of a lone sperm whale trudging through the oil slick.

Whales and dolphins still in the Gulf, swim on out of there! Swim for your lives and don’t look back, we’ve turned your home black and set it on fire. Will you ever forgive us?


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