Hands across the sand

Hands Across the Sand event

For those of you feeling completely helpless and depressed by the BP oil spill, never fear there is something you can do! This Saturday, June 26th, is “Hands Across The Sand,” an event taking place on beaches across the world to say “NO to Offshore Oil Drilling, YES to Clean Energy.” To participate, all you have to do is find a local event on a beach near you on the Hands Across The Sand website, show up at 11:00 am local time and join the line and hold hands with your line neighbors at noon.

According to the Hands Across The Sand website, the event “was founded by Dave Rauschkolb in October of 2009. He organized a statewide gathering on February 13, 2010, to send a message to Florida‘s legislators and Governor Crist that Floridians did not want them to lift the bans on near and offshore oil drilling in Florida’s waters.” And it worked! Thousands of Floridians joined hands on over 90 beaches to protest and the Florida legislature stopped pursuing near and offshore oil drilling.

Here’s a quote from Dave Rauschkolb himself straight from his press release: “The image is powerful, the message simple. No to offshore oil drilling, yes to clean energy. We are drawing a line in the sand against offshore oil drilling along America’s beaches and in solidarity events across America and around the world. No one industry should be able to place entire coastal economies and marine environments at risk with dangerous, dirty mistakes.”

Way to go David, thanks for being another ocean hero!


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