Gray whale moving on down the road

Gray whale near Barcelona, Spain

Yesterday I received an update from the MARMAM (Marine Mammals Research and Conservation Discussion) email list on the famous gray whale recently spotted near Israel. In the last 23 days, the gray whale has been on the move and was just spotted near Barcelona, Spain on May 30th!

Apparently, the gray whale “was consistently heading south at a slow pace.” Photos of the whale near Spain matched the photos of those taken of the gray whale near Israel proving it’s the same whale. Although, since it’s the only gray whale in the Atlantic Ocean, the chances were pretty high that it was the same gray whale.

This is the first time a gray whale was spotted in the western basin of the Mediterranean Sea. The question still remains, what is this gray whale doing? Is he coordinating his trip with staff at the Guinness Book of World Records? Is he planning on being the first gray whale to travel the world? Or is he just spreading gray whale love to new lands? Whatever the reason, safe travels gray whale! Best wishes on your adventure.

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