Oceans movie is worth seeing

Earth- land surrounded by oceans

Earth- land surrounded by oceans

I don’t dare post the actual Oceans poster image for fear of being sued by Disney, but I have to say the movie is definitely worth seeing on the big screen. There is amazing underwater footage of sea creatures you will most likely never have the chance to see and of course many great shots of my favorite marine mammals. I spent most of the movie in awe of the wonderful and amazing sea life in our oceans.

My biggest frustration was that the narrator did not always say what type of animal / animals were in the shot or scene. For example, there was an amazing sequence of schooling fish off the coast of South Africa being herded and hunted by dolphins, bomb dived by birds, stalked by a shark and a lone baleen whale also showed up to enjoy the bounty. But they did not mention the names of any of these animals. (If anyone knows what type of dolphins those were and what type of whale please let me know through the contact page!)

The educational information on pollution and the current state of our oceans was very, very light handed. The amount of trash and pollution coming off our coasts was briefly touched upon, but to me it wasn’t enough. But on the other hand no one would go see the movie if they thought it was about reality, which is such a bummer! I heard this from so many people who refused to see The Cove because they couldn’t deal with facing some dolphins’ blood, so frustrating! So see Oceans and if you haven’t seen The Cove yet see that too. Because people it’s time to face reality.


  1. Barbara says

    I agree that the movie is worth seeing. There is some special footage with a mom and baby walrus that is excellent

  2. J Napoli says

    Thanks for the tip. The Cove is great, too. And don’t worry about Disney suing you…I’ll bet they like free publicity as much as the next guy or gal. Then again, don’t say I told you to do it!

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