Call the White House and help save the whales again!

Photo credit: Daniel Schwen

Right now President Obama is backing down on his campaign promise to keep protections for whales in place. This is unacceptable! Please call him and let him know that you want him to keep his campaign promise to uphold the moratorium on whaling and oppose commercial whaling.

What’s that? You’re not best friends with President Barack Obama? Me neither, but you don’t have to be…that is the beauty of living in a democracy. Anyone can call the White House comment line at (202) 456-1111. Just be mentally prepared to have your patience tried a bit because several times when I called all I heard was that good old fashion busy signal sound. But I didn’t mind too much since I don’t hear that very often anymore. I also took this as a good sign because it means the White House actually wants to answer my call, not just have it go straight to voicemail.

Once you get through hit 1 if you are calling from a touch tone phone, then hit 1 again to leave a comment. Then there is a good chance you will be placed on hold and a nice lady’s voice will provide you more information and ask you to wait patiently, letting you know that all comment line operators are currently helping other callers and there will be no sound while you are on hold.

Once you get through say your name, the state where you live and the following: “I want President Obama to keep his campaign promise to uphold the moratorium on whaling and oppose commercial whaling by reversing his Administration‚Äôs position on the ‘compromise package’ being negotiated with Japan and other whaling nations.” (This language is taken directly from the American Cetacean Society’s website, please check it out for more information.)

When the operator asks if there is anything else you would like to comment on say no! This gives the impression that this topic is more important than any other to you at that moment. Of course there are many important issues out there, I realize this. But you can always call back later and speak in a deeper voice or wait a day and call back again regarding another topic.

Let’s make sure that President Obama knows what “we the people” want to end whaling once and for all!


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