Ode to the blue whale

Blue whale surfacing

Blue whale surfacing

The ocean’s most impressive feature
Is an 85 foot long 100 ton creature
That roams the oceans’ deep
With rarely a moments sleep
The largest animal to ever live on earth
The blue whale is legendary for its girth
Their massive mouths defy the mind
By lunch feeding their jaws unwind
Gulping water until their mouths fill
With tiny ocean critters called krill
Excess water is pushed aside
While baleen traps the krill inside
Blue whales are amazing to see
Whale watchers often shout with glee
For to see a blue whale is quite rare
Whalers killed almost all with only a few to spare
They are recovering but the process is slow
For full recovery we have a long way to go
It’s important to protect the blue whale
To make sure it lives to tell another tale


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