8 amazing facts about Belugas

Photo credit: Ansgar Walk

Photo credit: Ansgar Walk

1. Belugas have a tough dorsal ridge along their backs that is used to break through sea ice.

2. They are one of the few whales or dolphins who can turn their neck and head.

3. Nick-named the sea canary, belugas have the most diverse set of vocal calls / songs compared to other marine mammals.

4. Belugas are one of the few cetaceans to molt, shedding a layer of skin every summer.

5. Female belugas are pregnant with calves for 14 months!

6. Belugas are able to alter the shape of their mouth and make many different facial expressions.

7. Based on studies of beluga dive patterns, scientists think belugas may use sound to find cracks in the ice.

8. When hunting for food, belugas are able to dive up to 1,000 feet and hold their breath for 25 minutes.


  1. J Napoli says

    For me, the most amazing thing about belugas is that there IS something called a beluga. Always a learning experience on the Wild Things blog!

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