Bearded Seals: singing for love

Photo credit: Ansgar Walk

Photo credit: Ansgar Walk

As Valentine’s Day fast approaches, some of the men out there may want to take a few notes on how male bearded seals attract the ladies. These cumbersome looking marine mammals actually woo their women with song!

According to the Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, the songs of the bearded seal can make the heart ache. “Their beautiful, but slightly melancholy, underwater songs are composed of a downward spiraling trill that can be heard for many kilometers in calm conditions.” A bit later the article details more specifically how this works, “males defend small patches of ocean with elaborate bubble displays, where they sing their songs intensively and repeatedly over a period of some weeks.”

How romantic…bubbles and beautiful songs to lure the opposite sex. From a female perspective this would almost make up for having to live in freezing cold temperatures…almost.

Little is know about how the rest of the romantic adventure unfolds because it takes place in freezing cold Arctic waters, away from prying human eyes. But still another potential romantic twist to keep in mind for those looking for something different…doing it in the water. Although warmer water is probably a better way to go if you hope to celebrate Valentine’s Day with the same person next year.

Thanks for the love tips bearded seals, you guys really know how to make the moves.


  1. J Napoli says

    I will work on my downward spiraling trill, that sounds like a winner. I can already make bubbles, but that does not usually provoke romantic feeling. Thanks for letting us know about this charming creature!

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