Walking along the tidepools

Brown sea hare

You never know what you might see walking along the tidepools. On a recent excursion I got lucky and spotted a California brown sea hare (Aplysia californica) in a little pool of water tucked amongst the rocks. My first sighting of one in the wild! I watched it eat for several minutes. It was easy… [read more]

What makes a green sea anemone green?

Green see anemone

What makes a green sea anemone green? It’s not green with envy, it’s green with algae! Single-celled algae living in the tissue of this sea anemone contribute in an indirect way to its brilliant green color. Green sea anemones or Anthopleura xanthogrammica enjoy the nutritional benefits gained from hosting algae through photosynthesis. In return, algae… [read more]