A video of the Port River dolphins

I received an email from Paul and Debbie Huxtable, two Australian wildlife photographers who have generously shared photos and information in the past about the Port River dolphins. They’ve been very busy developing a music video about the Adelaide Dolphin Sanctuary to raise awareness of the plight of this special pod of dolphins. There are… [read more]

Great footage of Billie the Port River dolphin

During December of last year, I wrote several posts about the Adelaide Port River dolphins featuring amazing photos and information from Paul and Debbie Huxtable, a pair of fabulous wildlife photographers who live in Adelaide, South Australia and post many great photos on their Adelaide Port River dolphins website. This week I received an email… [read more]

Adelaide Port River dolphins: update on Wave

Now that we’ve concluded Billie the dolphin’s story, it’s time for a more detailed update on Wave (Billie’s tail walking predecessor). First a recap: I found out about Wave in April of 2010 from an email that was sent out to marine mammal experts and fans looking for information on dolphin skin conditions. Wave and… [read more]

Adelaide Port River dolphins: the rest of the story

Picking up where we left off in the last post…after five years of interacting with Sandy Sanford, a retired policeman, Billy the dolphin stops showing up for early morning swims with the racing horses in 1988. Here’s the conclusion to this fascinating story from Paul Huxtable: “Shortly after he [Billy the dolphin] went missing, a… [read more]

Adelaide Port River dolphins: starting from the beginning

The story of the Adelaide Port River dolphins is much more interesting than I ever imagined! To understand how Wave became such a famous tail walking dolphin, we have to revisit the year 1983 where it all started with a man, a dog, a horse and a dolphin named Billy. Paul Huxtable shared this amazing… [read more]

Introducing the Adelaide Port River dolphins

One of the wonderful things about having a website is the ability to connect with people from all over the world. Around Thanksgiving, I received an email from Debbie and Paul Huxtable, a couple who lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Not only are they a couple, but they also happen to be a couple of… [read more]