Oceans movie is worth seeing

I don’t dare post the actual Oceans poster image for fear of being sued by Disney, but I have to say the movie is definitely worth seeing on the big screen. There is amazing underwater footage of sea creatures you will most likely never have the chance to see and of course many great shots… [read more]

Mysterious dolphin skin burn

Australian dolphin experts and enthusiasts are baffled by a terrible skin condition that recently appeared on two bottlenose dolphins. The cow/calf pair, named Wave and Tallula, are well known locally and inhabit the Port River Estuary near Adelaide. Photos of the severe skin problem were sent to marine mammal experts around the world, but no… [read more]

Dead gray whale ate sweat pants for lunch

I have heard many stories about the devastating impacts of pollution, how fishing gear entangles and strangles marine mammals, how bits of plastic end up in birds’ stomachs, and how plastic bags are mistaken for jellyfish by turtles. But sweat pants in a gray whale’s stomach?! That is a first. And unfortunately won’t be the… [read more]