Recycle plastic, it’s worth it!

If you’ve been feeling lackluster about recycling lately, this graphic by will spark you back into action! Creating plastic uses up tons of resources, so instead of making more new plastic, why not just reuse the plastic we already have? For this strategy to really work, everyone needs to chip in and do their… [read more]

Happy America Recycles Day!


Did you know that November 15th is America Recycles Day? It’s one more way to raise awareness about recycling and remind people to recycle every day of the year. And it’s the perfect time to expand your recycling consciousness. Instead of just focusing on recycling aluminum cans, newspapers, junk mail, plastic bottles and other items… [read more]

California plastic bag ban didn’t happen

Photo credit: John S. Turner

Alas, the California State Legislature failed to get their act together and pass a state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags. AB 298 stalled in the State Senate Appropriations committee. I’m guessing most of you already figured this out because there hasn’t been any mention of a plastic bag ban in the news, but I still… [read more]

Help ban plastic bags in California!

Photo credit: material boy

Tomorrow (or today if you are reading this on Friday, August 31st) is the last day for California’s State Senate to approve a state-wide ban on single-use plastic bags. Please call your State Senator’s office and ask them to vote YES on AB 298 and make this happen! If the State Senate passes the bill… [read more]

In case you hadn’t noticed, it’s hot!

Pelicans, cormorants and sea lions

Summer heat has finally arrived in Los Angeles. I knew we couldn’t escape it, but I have to admit a small part of me was really hoping the heat might just end up somewhere else permanently. And yes, I know we are completely spoiled living in Los Angeles and I shouldn’t complain, but it’s hot!… [read more]

Oceans of garbage means plastic for dinner

Here is another great infographic by, which seemed extremely appropriate to post after writing about the Risso’s dolphin that died from eating too many plastic bags. All the plastic entering our oceans is completely disrupting the food chain and it’s inevitable that we will be eating plastic too. This graphic does a nice job… [read more]

Quotes from the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

Los Angeles Times Festival of Books

My weekend was awesome because I was at the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books both days! It’s a great way to revel in the written word, hear authors speak about their work and learn new things. To change things up a bit, I went to a variety of panels this year on all different… [read more]

Algalita: studying an ocean of plastic

Photo credit: NOAA

Last week I was going to write about Algalita Marine Research Foundation and the plastic ocean, but alas, life had other plans for me. I was on my way to Cabrillo Marine Aquarium to attend a presentation by Captain Charles Moore and encountered a truck tire on the freeway. By the time I saw the… [read more]