The California Wildlife Center is amazing!

CA Wildlife Center

I had the chance to visit the California Wildlife Center during their recent Open House and was completely blown away by all the amazing work they do. The Center is located about halfway between Malibu and Calabasas off Malibu Canyon Road. It’s tucked away in the middle of the woods surrounded by hills and greenery,… [read more]

Gray whales are heading north!

California sea lion

Yesterday, the volunteers at the ACS/LA Gray Whale Census and Behavior Project had a whale of a day so to speak. They spotted 27 gray whales headed north! But that’s not all, they also saw tons of other wildlife doing all sorts of interesting things. Here’s a quick recap: Bottlenose dolphins playing with one of… [read more]

List of sea lions

Visit any beach or pier in California and there is a good chance you will see a California sea lion. In fact, California sea lions seem to be everywhere enjoying one of the following activities: lounging on buoys, sinking small boats, stealing fish from fishermen, swimming with dolphins, resting on prime pier real estate, and… [read more]

TOPP is another cool website

TOPP is another great website I recently discovered that I wanted to share. TOPP actually stands for Tagging of Pacific Predators. On the home page you can see where tagged animals have traveled including a white shark, a tuna, a male elephant seal and a leatherback turtle to name a few. There is so much… [read more]

Climate change near the equator

Climate change in warmer parts of the globe could also mean a loss of habit. It’s the reverse of losing ice habitat because where is all that excess water going to go? Three words…sea level rise. All that excess water has to go somewhere and it’s quite possible that it could end up flooding crucial… [read more]

Climate change at the poles

Well, I have been seriously neglecting my project to blog through the entire Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals, so it’s time to revisit the “C” section, which brings us to climate change. The concept of climate change has become so political that it’s easy to ignore sometimes. But based on all the numbers I’ve seen something… [read more]