Oil and chemical dispersant create alien glow

I was fortunate to have the chance to attend a reception for photographer Daniel Beltrá at the G2 Gallery. (I wrote another post about his work not that long ago.) He was super nice and answered many questions about his amazing aerial photos of the BP Gulf oil spill. One burning question I had (pun… [read more]

Spill at the G2 Gallery reveals beauty in devastation

Paths of oil-free water remain in the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico from boats attempting to clean up the crude spill off the coast of Louisiana.

The exhibit Spill: Images from the Gulf at The G2 Gallery is a must see for anyone living in or visiting the Los Angeles area. Spill features aerial photos taken by Daniel Beltrá of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. When I first heard about the exhibit, I thought…oh great, photos of nasty… [read more]

Thoughts on World Oceans Day

Another World Oceans Day has come and gone. (It was yesterday, June 8th, in case you missed it!) And I can’t stop thinking about an article I read yesterday titled “Goodbye Holocene, hello Anthropocene.” The article discusses how humans have managed to make such an impressively destructive impact on planet earth that we are transitioning… [read more]

Talk on the Deepwater Horizon Gulf oil spill

If you wish to understand more about what really happened during the Gulf oil spill, then I know just the lecture for you! On Friday, February 25th, at 7:30 p.m. Dr. Sean Anderson of California State University Channel Islands, will present his work on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Anderson and his research team are… [read more]

Thanks to the Los Angeles Times Altered Oceans Series

In honor of Thanksgiving, I wanted to take a moment to thank the Los Angeles Times for publishing the Pulitzer prize-winning Altered Oceans Series, the articles that changed my life. On July 30, 2006, the first in the series ran titled “A Primeval Tide of Toxins” and I was riveted. It was the reading equivalent… [read more]