EnviroNet: Cleaning up trash one paddle at a time


What would you do if you were about to pilot a group of tourists and all you could see was trash in your local waterway? Well, if you’re Captain Carlos Macias, you would launch your paddleboard into the middle of the floating trash pile and try to pick it up. And this is exactly what… [read more]

Spill at the G2 Gallery reveals beauty in devastation

Paths of oil-free water remain in the calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico from boats attempting to clean up the crude spill off the coast of Louisiana.

The exhibit Spill: Images from the Gulf at The G2 Gallery is a must see for anyone living in or visiting the Los Angeles area. Spill features aerial photos taken by Daniel Beltr√° of the 2010 BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill disaster. When I first heard about the exhibit, I thought…oh great, photos of nasty… [read more]

Avoid buying plastic this Easter

Plastic Easter chick

Since Easter is just around the corner, all the Easter goodies are out on store shelves and next to the candy is a lot of plastic. Remember that plastic candy pooping snowman I wrote about after Christmas? Well, there’s also an Easter themed line of candy pooping critters. You can buy a yellow chick, a… [read more]

Staring into the eyes of an albatross

Photo credit: Paul Berry

Yesterday I saw this photo of a Laysan albatross on Facebook posted by International Bird Rescue and I couldn’t stop staring at it. There’s something almost mystical about an albastross’ eyes; they look like black pools of wisdom that contain the secrets to the universe. This stunning bird was released over the weekend by the… [read more]

Reflecting on the holidays and plastic

Plastic singing and pooping snowman

Another holiday season has come and gone, but plastic holiday decorations, knick knacks and gifts will live on for hundreds of years and then some. I started thinking about plastic and the holidays shopping for my nephews and niece’s Christmas presents. Walking bewildered through the toy department, I was overwhelmed by all the plastic. Pretty… [read more]

Recycle plastic, it’s worth it!

If you’ve been feeling lackluster about recycling lately, this graphic by OnlineEducation.net will spark you back into action! Creating plastic uses up tons of resources, so instead of making more new plastic, why not just reuse the plastic we already have? For this strategy to really work, everyone needs to chip in and do their… [read more]

Happy America Recycles Day!


Did you know that November 15th is America Recycles Day? It’s one more way to raise awareness about recycling and remind people to recycle every day of the year. And it’s the perfect time to expand your recycling consciousness. Instead of just focusing on recycling aluminum cans, newspapers, junk mail, plastic bottles and other items… [read more]