California Wildlife Center recipes

CA Wildlife Center 2

It’s time to share a couple more things about the California Wildlife Center that didn’t make my last post. As part of the tour, we had the chance to visit the hospital area and see recovering baby humming birds and mourning doves that were so cute. We also saw where volunteers check in to find… [read more]

The California Wildlife Center is amazing!

CA Wildlife Center

I had the chance to visit the California Wildlife Center during their recent Open House and was completely blown away by all the amazing work they do. The Center is located about halfway between Malibu and Calabasas off Malibu Canyon Road. It’s tucked away in the middle of the woods surrounded by hills and greenery,… [read more]

Rescuing a hummingbird

Photo credit: Dick Daniels

During an August summer trip to visit my husband’s family in Michigan, I rescued a hummingbird! Here’s what happened: I was standing near the garage debating whether I should join the baseball game in the front yard or pull out a different distraction to engage my nephew and niece. As I was mulling over the… [read more]

Hummingbird feeder project delayed

Alas, my hummingbird feeder project has been delayed. Right after I wrote about scoring a hummingbird feeder during a white elephant gift exchange, painters showed up to “touch up” the apartment building and fix the roof. Both of these activities involve a lot of loud talking, ladder dragging, and stomping around on the roof. Basically,… [read more]

A hummingbird holiday

One of the surprise treats I received during Christmas was a hummingbird feeder! Technically, I didn’t receive the hummingbird feeder as a gift, I stole it from another person who opened it during a white elephant gift exchange. Thankfully, the person who opened the hummingbird feeder didn’t really want it anyway. (White elephant gift exchanges… [read more]