Share if you love dolphins

Today I received a Facebook request from Paul Huxtable (the expert wildlife and dolphin photographer based in Adelaide, South Australia) asking that I post this video on my website. Once I saw the title, I couldn’t not share it, I mean I love dolphins. The video was put together to raise awareness of the dolphin… [read more]

Have a whale of a Mother’s Day!

Humpback whale mom and calf

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there whether you are feathered, finned, furry or footed! Since this past week was full of fascinating whale news, it’s the perfect time to highlight the trials and tribulations facing some finned moms out there (it’s actually more accurate to say knuckled for gray whales since they… [read more]

Getting inside the dream just for fun

Dolphin on patrol

It just so happens that I’m taking a writing class to expand my skills and increase my creative repertoire. For class last night, my homework was to write the same story from three different points of view. I had no idea what to write at first and then I started thinking about that crazy dream… [read more]

Ocean sunfish holy mola!

What on earth is that? This is a common exclamation upon meeting an ocean sunfish, the craziest looking fish inhabiting the same ocean layers humans frequent. But this peculiar fish sports the coolest scientific name: Mola mola. Possibly Linnaeus, the father of modern taxonomy who scientifically named thousands of species, suffered a brief nervous tic… [read more]

Top 5 favorite scientific names

In general, scientific names drive me nuts because they are impossible to remember, impossible to spell and rarely make sense. But I have to admit there are some great ones. Every scientific name starts with the Genus the animal belongs to followed by the name of that particular species. As I’ve become more familiar with… [read more]