I saw killer whales for the first time!

I’m thrilled to say that I had the chance to see killer whales this past Thursday. This was a first for me, I’ve never seen killer whales in the wild before and the entire experience blew me away. Before launching into what happened, I should explain that I’ve never understood people’s fascination with killer whales.… [read more]

Adelaide Port River dolphins: update on Wave

Now that we’ve concluded Billie the dolphin’s story, it’s time for a more detailed update on Wave (Billie’s tail walking predecessor). First a recap: I found out about Wave in April of 2010 from an email that was sent out to marine mammal experts and fans looking for information on dolphin skin conditions. Wave and… [read more]

Adelaide Port River dolphins: the rest of the story

Picking up where we left off in the last post…after five years of interacting with Sandy Sanford, a retired policeman, Billy the dolphin stops showing up for early morning swims with the racing horses in 1988. Here’s the conclusion to this fascinating story from Paul Huxtable: “Shortly after he [Billy the dolphin] went missing, a… [read more]

Adelaide Port River dolphins: starting from the beginning

The story of the Adelaide Port River dolphins is much more interesting than I ever imagined! To understand how Wave became such a famous tail walking dolphin, we have to revisit the year 1983 where it all started with a man, a dog, a horse and a dolphin named Billy. Paul Huxtable shared this amazing… [read more]

Introducing the Adelaide Port River dolphins

One of the wonderful things about having a website is the ability to connect with people from all over the world. Around Thanksgiving, I received an email from Debbie and Paul Huxtable, a couple who lives in Adelaide, South Australia. Not only are they a couple, but they also happen to be a couple of… [read more]