Meet the globe crab

globe crab

The globe crab (Randallia ornata) is no ordinary crab. Its bulbous shell and stylish color pattern shouts, “I’m different and proud of it!” You might think with a name like globe that this crab really gets around…travels the ocean world so to speak…a real globe trotter. In reality, it’s quite the opposite. While the ocean… [read more]

Journey to the Arabian Seas with National Geographic

1. Mandatory photo credit: ©Thomas P. Peschak/National Geographic2. Show the March cover of National Geographic (credit: National Geographic)3. Provide a prominent link to: Mention that the photo is "in the March 2012 issue of National Geographic magazine, on newsstands February 28."Rarely visited, the reefs off Saudi Arabia in the northern Red Sea are some of the most undisturbed in the region. Sunlight penetrates deep into the clear waters, enabling lush gardens of corals to flourish along these wave-washed coasts.

There is one magazine that stands above the rest when it comes to stellar science writing, fascinating story telling and amazing photography: National Geographic. Reading National Geographic magazine is a portal into another world, a way to experience places you might never have the chance to visit, and a way to learn about people past… [read more]

Red rock shimp: cleaners and risk takers

Red rock shrimp

It’s almost Valentine’s Day! The perfect time to highlight a red ocean critter: the red rock shrimp or Lysmata californica. In Southern California, the red rock shrimp plays an important cleaning role, removing parasites from moray eels and California spiny lobsters. Parasite removal doesn’t sound like a great gig, but it’s not so bad if… [read more]

California spiny lobster pays tribute to Tim Burton

Since my favorite California spiny lobster passed away this spring, there has been a lot of extra space in Cabrillo Marine Aquarium’s lobster tank. But that available real estate is quickly disappearing with the addition of two lobsters. A fisherman recently donated a 10.5 pound California spiny lobster. Not as big as the tank’s former… [read more]

Move over Martha Stewart! Meet the decorator crab…

It’s time to introduce my new favorite critter at Cabrillo Marine Aquarium…the decorator crab! In retrospect, the decorator crab should have been the feature of my Halloween post because this crab is the true master of disguise. And Halloween or not, the decorator crab has one of the best costumes ever. Decorator crabs use algae,… [read more]