Point Dume wildlife bonanza

Point Dume flowers

Spending Sunday morning at Point Dume turned into a wildlife bonanza with ocean views and sunny skies. In less than one hour I had the chance to see: A gray whale milling about right near shore! California sea lions porpoising and hanging out on the rocks. California brown pelicans watching the waves. Western gulls relaxing… [read more]

Lazy summer days

Northern elephant seal sleeping

This photo pretty much sums up how I’ve been feeling lately. What is it about summer that makes you just want to lay in the grass, close your eyes and soak in the sun? My blog calls me, dust collects on my bookshelves, my social media posts are outdated, the mail pile grows, but I… [read more]

List of sea lions

Visit any beach or pier in California and there is a good chance you will see a California sea lion. In fact, California sea lions seem to be everywhere enjoying one of the following activities: lounging on buoys, sinking small boats, stealing fish from fishermen, swimming with dolphins, resting on prime pier real estate, and… [read more]

TOPP is another cool website

TOPP is another great website I recently discovered that I wanted to share. TOPP actually stands for Tagging of Pacific Predators. On the home page you can see where tagged animals have traveled including a white shark, a tuna, a male elephant seal and a leatherback turtle to name a few. There is so much… [read more]

Sea lions, weasels and bears oh my!

Classifying animals is a messy business. Back in the day before genetic analysis, seals, sea lions and walruses were classified as members of the order Pinnipedia. They were considered to be “separate from but closely related to the terrestrial carnivores of the order Carnivora” as told by the Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals. And of course… [read more]