Regeneration is a real super power

Sand star four arms

Recently, I came across this sand star that only had four arms. What happened to its fifth arm? I wondered. Then I thought, it doesn’t matter because sea stars have the power to regenerate their limbs. This got me thinking, humans are obsessed with super powers these days. The Marvel and DC Comics movies are… [read more]

7 swinging sand dollar facts

Sand dollar

The sand dollar or Dendraster excentricus is one animal that continues to surprise me every time I see it. Long before I started learning about the ocean and marine life, I remember seeing faded-white sand dollar shells (former sand dollar endoskeletons) and not thinking much of them. Now I find sand dollars fascinating because they… [read more]

Happy holidays everyone!

For a little holiday fun, here’s an ocean animal with some serious holiday flair…the red sea urchin. The spines remind me of a Christmas tree, in a very abstract way, and the red of course is very Christmas. If there was an ornament shaped just like the red sea urchin, it would be a very… [read more]