Help Hermosa Beach ban Styrofoam!

The environmentally conscious people of Hermosa Beach are working to ban polystyrene plastic #6 and expanded polystyrene foam, more commonly known as Styrofoam, take-out containers in their fine city, but they need help! This past May, the Hermosa Beach Green Task Force proposed banning all to-go containers made out of polystyrene, but the City Council… [read more]

Call the White House and help save the whales again!

Right now President Obama is backing down on his campaign promise to keep protections for whales in place. This is unacceptable! Please call him and let him know that you want him to keep his campaign promise to uphold the moratorium on whaling and oppose commercial whaling. What’s that? You’re not best friends with President… [read more]

Dear IWC Commissioner Monica Medina

The International Whaling Commission is considering a proposal to legalize whaling. Please take time to send an email to IWC Commissioner Monica Medina before the next IWC meeting in June. For more information on how to contact Commissioner Medina and how else you can take action please visit: the ACS action alert page. According to… [read more]