Whale watching photos taken near Santa Barbara part 3

These are actually dolphin watching photos! We saw three types of dolphins during the all-day ACS whale watching trip: bottlenose dolphins, common dolphins and Risso’s dolphins. We saw a huge pod of common dolphins that were having a blast. Many came over to the boat to do some bowriding, which is always fun to watch,… [read more]

Whale watching photos taken near Santa Barbara part 2

Part two (don’t worry there will only be three parts) of amazing whale sighting on the ACS Whale Watching trip features the humpback whales that gave us quite a show. This trip was the first time I’ve seen synchronized swimming or fluking. Four humpback whales swam very closely together, they took time hanging at the… [read more]

Ask an expert about wildlife photography

Taking photos of wildlife is easy, but taking good photos is tough, and taking that one in a million shot is close to impossible. When I say one in a million, I’m thinking of the Pacific Life Foundation ads featuring a humpback whale breaching, the water line perfectly straight, a mountain in the background with… [read more]

Interesting note on the Disney Oceans movie

When I saw the Disney Oceans movie last year, I wondered, how did they get such great shots of so many species, especially those facing a bleak future? Well, this past weekend, I was wandering around Barnes & Noble and happened upon a book based on the movie titled, “Oceans, a National Geographic official companion… [read more]

An ocean photo contest with a twist

Marine Photobank sponsors a photo contest with a unique twist, instead of submitting your best marine life shot, this contest is looking for photos that are equal parts amazing and devastating. On the left is last year’s winning photo featuring three turtles caught in a fishing net with a potential rescue in progress (devastating) against… [read more]

Wildlife photographer Michael Daniel Ho is back from Alaska

Michael Daniel Ho, wildlife photographer extraordinaire, is back from Alaska. In this post, he shares Alaska traveling tips, wildlife hotspots, weather advisories, and much more. Not to mention, four amazing photos from his trip featuring: a humpback whale breaching (photographed in Juneau), killer whales (photographed in Resurrection Bay), a grizzly bear cub (photographed in Haines),… [read more]

Flying humpback whales in the Santa Barbara Channel*

Wildlife photographer Michael Daniel Ho reported back from his whale watching trip in the Santa Barbara Channel this weekend, which was hosted by the American Cetacean Society on the Condor Express. Unfortunately, he started the trip with a bout of seasickness. Thankfully, during the trip they saw a dozen blue and humpback whales, which made… [read more]

Introducing wildlife photographer Michael Daniel Ho

I’ve been pondering ways to expand the topics and interests covered on Ocean Wild Things and one of the best ways to do so is bring other people’s ideas and expertise into the mix. Wildlife photographer Michael Daniel Ho has agreed to be one of those people! I met Michael through our common interest: whale… [read more]