Anacapa Island Adventure

The arch

I finally got to do something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time – visit Anacapa Island! (Anacapa Island is the second smallest Channel Island and it’s part of Channel Islands National Park.) It’s really not that hard to visit the island if you live in Southern California, it’s just a matter of… [read more]

Attend the Sustainable Seafood Expo Oct. 2!

Photo credit: Lori Stokoe

For anyone who lives in the greater Los Angeles area and loves food and/or the ocean, the Sustainable Seafood Expo on Oct. 2 from noon to 5pm is a great event for you! The event features scrumptious seafood samples, cooking demos, a full cash bar and great educational activities for people of all ages. Plus,… [read more]

Go see the movie Pelican Dreams

Pelican dreams1

I had the chance to see the new movie Pelican Dreams and it was a delight! The movie opens with a huge traffic jam on the Golden Gate bridge caused by a lone California brown pelican standing in the middle of the road. The bird won’t budge until a rescuer steps forward and then the… [read more]

Go see the giant rubber duck!

Rubber duck 2 low res

A giant rubber duck has arrived in Los Angeles and has transformed Los Angeles Harbor into its own very public bathtub. The duck is 40 feet tall and completely awesome. I had the chance to see it on Wednesday, August 20 when it was towed in as part of the Tall Ships Festival and now… [read more]

See the movie Plastic Paradise

Plastic paradise

Join me on December 3rd at 7:30pm to see the documentary “Plastic Paradise” at the Laemmle’s Royal Theatre in West Los Angeles. As soon as I heard about this movie, I knew I had to see it. Many of us have read about the plastic plague impacting our oceans, but do we really understand the… [read more]

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day photo 2013 blog

Earth Day is a time for celebration, but even more important it’s a time for gratitude. Our Earth provides us with everything we need, fresh water, food, shelter supplies and even spiritual and emotional sustenance. Just think of the last time you watched the ocean’s waves roll in or saw a breathtaking sunset. Not a… [read more]

Help track California King Tides!

Ocean wave

Grab your camera and head to the beach because California King Tides started today! That’s right, not only is the day 12/12/12 super cool for numeric reasons, it also happens to coincide with an extreme high tide event caused when the sun and the moon’s gravitational forces reinforce each other. This special event lasts through… [read more]

Jump start your creativity and help save the oceans!

Jump start your creativity!

Game on! There’s a pretty cool contest going on that ocean fans, recycling nuts and crafty creatives should participate in: the Summer Sustainability Creativity Challenge! This contest is all about taking things destined for the trash or recycling bin and giving them a second life as art (functional or not). For inspiration, check out the… [read more]

Happy World Oceans Day!

Ocean blue calm

Happy World Oceans Day everyone! Take time to celebrate our oceans today in some way. After writing my last two posts, I have to recommend celebrating by not using plastic bags the entire month of June. If that seems too difficult, than at least try not using plastic bags today. To get into the World… [read more]