Washington’s Salmon Spill and the Aquaculture Challenge

Trout Hatchery Mt. Shasta

Introducing guest writer Emily Folk! Emily contacted me and asked if she could contribute to Ocean Wild Things. After taking a look at her fabulous website Conservation Folks, I naturally responded, of course! Emily’s goal is to help people become more informed about the world and how we fit into it. If you would like… [read more]

Blue whale watching part 1

Blue whale head

I finally had the chance to go blue whale watching! After seeing tons of blue whale pictures on Facebook, I said enough is enough already, I’ve got to get out there and see blue whales. Then Harbor Breeze Cruises in Long Beach offered a great deal (for a limited time only), 10 bucks to go… [read more]

There’s still time to help protect sharks!

Great white shark smiling

Good news, there’s still time to help protect sharks by submitting comments to the NOAA! In my last post, I gave everyone extremely late notice about an impending deadline for submitting comments to NOAA about the regulations they’re considering that could overturn shark protections passed in 10 states and territories. NOAA claims that these stricter… [read more]

Help protect shark conservation laws

In case you missed it, the Discovery Channel created a hilarious video to promote Shark Week, which has been making the rounds on the web the last couple of weeks. I’m posting it here for a good chuckle and to bring a bit of levity to a potentially depressing situation for sharks. The National Ocean… [read more]

Saving sharks one photo at a time

Blue shark

It’s time to talk sharks! Sharks are very misunderstood creatures. Thanks to the movie Jaws and its haunting theme song, very few people are able to see sharks clearly anymore. Sharks are just really cool fish trying to survive in the big blue ocean and in the process have had some nasty encounters with humans.… [read more]

It’s Shark Week!

In case anyone out there missed it, Shark Week launched on the Discovery Channel August 12th! Shark Week isn’t an official week set aside for recognizing sharks, but thanks to the Discovery Channel it has become a very popular unofficial week that provides great press for sharks everywhere. And unfortunately sharks need all the good… [read more]