Feed the right wolf

First, I should clarify by saying, you should never feed wild animals and wild wolves are no exception. But the title of this post is a way of introducing a parable I was lucky enough to read and just had to share. Every week, a new quote is posted in the break room of Cabrillo… [read more]

Red, white and blue ocean style

In honor of the 4th of July, here’s a post on red, white and blue ocean style. Red: In the ocean, red often serves as a warning color, as in watch out predators, if you try to eat me there will be serious trouble. The bright red coloring of the California scorpionfish alerts potential diners… [read more]

Thoughts on World Oceans Day

Another World Oceans Day has come and gone. (It was yesterday, June 8th, in case you missed it!) And I can’t stop thinking about an article I read yesterday titled “Goodbye Holocene, hello Anthropocene.” The article discusses how humans have managed to make such an impressively destructive impact on planet earth that we are transitioning… [read more]

Patterns in the sand

My husband and I decided to head to the beach this weekend since the weather in Los Angeles was amazing. We ended up at La Piedra beach north of Malibu because we couldn’t find parking at our favorite beach El Matador. There may be some parking tricks along the PCH, but everywhere we looked there… [read more]