Avoid buying plastic this Easter

Plastic Easter chick

Since Easter is just around the corner, all the Easter goodies are out on store shelves and next to the candy is a lot of plastic. Remember that plastic candy pooping snowman I wrote about after Christmas? Well, there’s also an Easter themed line of candy pooping critters. You can buy a yellow chick, a… [read more]

Happy belated Valentine’s Day!


I hope everyone had a fabulous Valentine’s Day last week! Many apologies for being offline, but last week my Grandma died and I flew to Wisconsin for the funeral. She lived a grand life and died at the very impressive age of 99. It was very fitting she chose the week of Valentine’s Day to… [read more]

Reflecting on the holidays and plastic

Plastic singing and pooping snowman

Another holiday season has come and gone, but plastic holiday decorations, knick knacks and gifts will live on for hundreds of years and then some. I started thinking about plastic and the holidays shopping for my nephews and niece’s Christmas presents. Walking bewildered through the toy department, I was overwhelmed by all the plastic. Pretty… [read more]