Sorry about the extra dose of radiation Earth

radiation door

About ten days ago, I took a pill of radioiodine to treat a hyperthyroid condition and as a result spent the next four days (the number of days in isolation varies depending on much radioiodine people take) doing very environmentally unsound things to protect my husband from being exposed to radiation. Rest assured, this treatment… [read more]

Apologizing for the federal government during vacation

Mt. Shasta with green trees low res

Sometimes you have to take a break from everything, which is exactly what I did on vacation in Mt. Shasta City. It was heavenly. No computer, no traffic, no obligations. Just pure mountain air, fresh spring water and breathtaking scenery. During the trip, I had the chance to meet several wonderful people including a family… [read more]

Overheard at Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook

BHSO yellow flowers

This weekend my husband and I headed to Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook for a hike. If you live in the Los Angeles area and haven’t heard of this little California State Park right in Culver City off Jefferson Blvd., then you are missing out! Baldwin Hills Scenic Overlook is basically a really big grassy hill… [read more]

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day photo 2013 blog

Earth Day is a time for celebration, but even more important it’s a time for gratitude. Our Earth provides us with everything we need, fresh water, food, shelter supplies and even spiritual and emotional sustenance. Just think of the last time you watched the ocean’s waves roll in or saw a breathtaking sunset. Not a… [read more]