The importance of a good name

Since writing about the plight of Hawaii’s false killer whales, I can’t stop thinking about the importance of a good name. The name false killer whale really isn’t doing these whales any favors. This bummer common name stems from the genus part of the scientific name Pseudorca, which means, you guessed it, false killer whale.… [read more]

Top 5 favorite scientific names

In general, scientific names drive me nuts because they are impossible to remember, impossible to spell and rarely make sense. But I have to admit there are some great ones. Every scientific name starts with the Genus the animal belongs to followed by the name of that particular species. As I’ve become more familiar with… [read more]

Clymene dolphins

Meet the Clymene dolphin or Stenella clymene! This is a pretty cool looking dolphin, featuring many shades of gray from almost white on the bottom to dark gray on top, plus three shades of medium gray in the middle in a complimentary striped pattern. And if you look closely at the dolphin’s beak in the… [read more]

A blue shark, Risso’s dolphins and much more

On Saturday, I went on the coolest ocean adventure. It was the Cabrillo Aquarium‘s annual “Catalina Above and Below” trip. After waking up at 4:15 in the morning, I managed to arrive in San Pedro by 5:30 to board the First String, which left at 6:00. Getting up early and mornings in general are not… [read more]