Amazing bird photos by Jennifer MaHarry

MaHarry Owl

This weekend is your last chance to see the Nature LA: Birds of Prey exhibit at the G2 Gallery in Venice. Drop everything you’re doing and go! The photos are truly amazing, but I have to admit I am slightly biased because the photographer, Jennifer MaHarry, is a good friend. In the past, her G2… [read more]

Pigeons nesting the creative way

Pigeon nest

Recently, as I was standing near the beach I happened to notice a very busy pigeon flying back and forth mining the parking islands for choice mulch twigs and pieces of bark. After observing this for awhile, I realized it was a pigeon pair preparing their “love nest” together. Their single-mindedness was impressive. Even though… [read more]

Point Dume wildlife bonanza

Point Dume flowers

Spending Sunday morning at Point Dume turned into a wildlife bonanza with ocean views and sunny skies. In less than one hour I had the chance to see: A gray whale milling about right near shore! California sea lions porpoising and hanging out on the rocks. California brown pelicans watching the waves. Western gulls relaxing… [read more]

Staring into the eyes of an albatross

Photo credit: Paul Berry

Yesterday I saw this photo of a Laysan albatross on Facebook posted by International Bird Rescue and I couldn’t stop staring at it. There’s something almost mystical about an albastross’ eyes; they look like black pools of wisdom that contain the secrets to the universe. This stunning bird was released over the weekend by the… [read more]

A pelican, a boy and a heartwarming story

Photo credit: Jenny Nguyen

Why not wrap up the holidays with a heartwarming story? Here’s a great one from International Bird Rescue (IBR). A few months ago, the organization was contacted by Christopher Borrayo-Cruz about the possibility of helping rescued animals through his Eagle Scout Project. “We were thrilled, and decided together that he would build a series of… [read more]