Remember to pop those balloons!

Balloons in street

It has been awhile since my last balloon rant, so time for another one!

Yesterday, I was walking in my neighborhood and came across these balloons in the street. I’m happy for whoever had the baby girl, but it’s not necessarily something I want to learn about by finding trash. In this case, the person who received the balloons had the best intentions and threw them in the dumpster, I could tell by the disgusting red ketchup-type substance that was all over. But alas, because they didn’t pop the balloons, when the garbage truck came, there was still enough air in them to make an easy escape with the right amount of wind.

Thankfully, whenever a person is out walking about, you always have your keys – the perfect balloon popping tool! So I went to work, popped all the balloons and threw them in the garbage. In retrospect, I’m not sure if I should have touched that gross red stuff, but I survived.

Interestingly enough, last week when I was walking I happened upon a dumpster that had an “It’s a boy!” balloon sticking out of the top. I popped that one too.

I feel better knowing that the balloons I’ve encountered won’t be making any more escapes. And remember to pop your balloons before you throw them away, you don’t want them to become pollution on the street or in the ocean.


  1. Bryan says

    Another great post and a great reminder to keep an eye out for errant balloons. I think the stores should remind their customers to pop them before discarding them in the trash.

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