StartingBloc Fellowship

StartingBloc LA '15 Institute participants

StartingBloc LA ’15 Institute participants

I have exciting news to share…I applied for the StartingBloc LA ’16 Institute and was accepted! It’s this really cool program that brings people together who want to change the world and helps them make amazing things happen. I had to fill out a lengthy application to prove my worthiness and I’m pretty stoked about going – I’m hoping to connect with cool people and gain clarity on how to best move forward with Ocean Wild Things.

The cost of the 5-day fellowship program is $1,250. That’s not an amount that I necessarily have lying around, so I’ve made an initial down payment of $250 and I’m crowdfunding the rest. Asking family and friends for money is always a bit nerve wracking, which is why I almost never do it…will they think I’m crazy, will they think it’s inappropriate, will they get ticked off? But the timing happened to coincide with my birthday, so I thought why not make it a birthday request? And so I did.

Thanks to the generosity of friends and family I’ve raised close to $500 so far. I have until Nov. 30 to come up with the rest and I’m hoping you’ll help me get there! I realize this is a bit of a strange request, but if you’ve enjoyed reading Ocean Wild Things and would like to give back in some small way a donation is greatly appreciated. Ten or 20 bucks or whatever you have to spare would be awesome!

Here’s the link to my crowdfunding page where you can learn more about the whole deal:

Whatever you can donate, no matter how large or small is greatly appreciated! If you think this request is very inappropriate or too much for you right now, seriously no worries. No explanations necessary – do what makes you feel comfortable. I absolutely do not want to offend anyone with a request like this, I just thought it doesn’t hurt to ask!

And to everyone reading this – thanks for following, thanks for reading and thanks for sticking with me even when life gets in the way and I’m not able to write as often as I’d like. Ocean Wild Things wouldn’t be the same without you!

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