California’s plastic bag ban on hold

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I must confess, I have been avoiding writing about this subject for awhile. But in an attempt to face reality, here’s the deal…California’s statewide plastic bag ban is on hold.

The plastics industry spent $3.2 million gathering signatures to overturn the new law and alas, California’s Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced that the referendum qualified for the 2016 ballot. Now the law is on hold as we await the results of next year’s vote.

And here’s what I keep thinking…what if the plastics industry had used that $3.2 million and invested it in finding an alternative to plastic bags, something that’s environmentally friendly, practical and convenient. I have no idea what that solution might be, but I’m guessing somewhere out there is a team of innovators who could tackle this issue and make great progress with $3.2 million.

Californians Against Waste estimates that it will cost the plastics industry $30 to $50 million to build a campaign supporting the ballot measure. Imagine what those innovators could do with $30 million! Imagine a world where businesses invest in new sustainable solutions instead of fighting to keep old ways of doing business that have already proven harmful. Wouldn’t that be something?

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