A new look for Ocean Wild Things

Ocean Wild Things original look

The old Ocean Wild Things format

Say good-by to the old Ocean Wild Things website format and hello to a new design! I’m very excited to announce that Ocean Wild Things has a new look that officially launched on November 12, 2014. I’ve been working on this off and on for the last month…well actually my tech guru Kim Woodbridge has been doing the work while I email her millions of questions about nit picky details. But all our back and forth correspondence paid off and I love the new website.

I’ve been wanting to update the website for a long time, but I was having trouble picturing the details. I emailed Kim and explained that it was time to make a change, but all I knew was that I wanted a blog format with a slider on the homepage. Kim emailed me a few design options to look at, which I proceeded to sit on for six months. Finally, I just picked the design that seemed closest to what I wanted and went for it. Websites are always a work in progress and it’s better to start somewhere than not start at all. And hooray, it all worked out!

With big website changes, there’s usually a few glitches…so please take a look and let me know if you see anything wonky. Thanks to everyone on my subscriber list for being patient, the transition caused the email program to send out my last post twice, so many apologies.

Also, thanks to graphic designer Monique Carbajal, the website has a whale of a new header. Overall, I think it’s a vast improvement and I hope you like the new website as much as I do!

Ocean Wild Things new design

The new Ocean Wild Things format


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